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This blog is a place for Angels especially C.A.Ptains! ^_^ This is a personal blog dedicated to Teen Top but is so C.A.P biased (who couldn't tell? ;P). I love them all six but the Leader just makes my heart flutter. He's the hottest, the dorkiest, the cutest, and the most adorable man alive for me. Need i say more? Annyeong fellow Angels! ^_^
Aug 24 '12
  • As you sing ‘I’m still young so I can’t buy you nice things but that’s why I’m going to give you all my love’, if Teen Top get girlfriends, what do you want to buy for them?
  • C.A.P: Candy
  • Changjo: That’s why no one will go for hyung. But why is C.A.P hyung trying to be innocent these days
  • C.A.P: Candy kiss
  • Changjo: That has already appeared in a drama
  • T/N: Candy kiss was a famous scene in Korean drama ‘Iris’
  • C.A.P: Yeah, that’s why I want to try it out.
  • ~now that, is HOT!!
  • Do you not like monetary presents?
  • C.A.P: Must we spend a lot of money on it?
  • Changjo: But we’re talking about true love here…
  • C.A.P: Do we have to spend 10,000 dollars for it to be considered true love? True love can be spending 10 dollars catching a movie together, boy.
  • Everyone excluding C.A.P: Smile, smile, aigoo (laughs)
  • ~is C.A.P really the romantic type, or is he just plain frugal??
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